the resurrection stripe

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If you have experienced suffering, you will understand that occasionally I have moments of darkness. Despite years of mental practice and transformation to a generally extremely content being. It breaks over me, apparently out of nowhere, often unexpectedly, all of a sudden. Y nadie sepa mi sufrir.

No matter how overwhelming the weight seems to me at these moments, how relentlessly the apparent inevitability of darkness stares into my face, the universe has given me a gift to hold onto this shiny streak on the horizon. Likewise the power to turn this little sparkle into a beam of cheerful joy. Until next time. Until melancholy returns. And every time I become more fearless.

Pain and suffering unite us. You and me.  Those who have experienced suffering live, love and understand. Therefore, when you look at this picture you will not see the blackness, but you will feel my connection because we are brothers and sisters who defy the dark. Together we embrace all those who no longer have the strength to defend themselves, in the hope that with our shared energy they will find a way out other than to disappear in the gloomy hopelessness. Because we understand.

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 120 x 150 cm (width x height); depth 4.5 cm

This painting is part of my series «Horizons of Hope»